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  Volunteers at the Parmenideum

If you are a student of philosophy, science or in fact any discipline yet have a keen interest in these subjects, you may apply to join us for a few weeks in the Cilento.

You should have very good computer and web skills, know how to write short articles and be capable of developing ideas for promotions. You should also know the important bits concerning the development of ideas in philosophy and science.

You will also be asked to contribute to organising encounters and arranging topics and material.

You would be expected to join in the organisational activities for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The rest of the time is your own.

The Parmenideum can offer free accommodation for two weeks during certain periods of the year. We'll determine which period when you apply.

Two volunteer positions are available at any one time, and applicants will be selected according to motivation, enthusiasm, their mastery of modern skills (that's computing and web), along with a good grasp of humanity's philosophical struggle so far.

Please note that you will not be paid and you will need to feed yourself.

If this kind of austerity attracts you, you should use the contact form to apply and find out more.
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