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Philosophy Weekends in The Cilento
Presentations, talks and exchange in the spirit of a free and public enquiry in and around the olive trees.

Speaker Contributions
The Parmenideum accepts contributions from all those with an interest in philosophy, science and literature.

You do not need formal qualifications to present your ideas or work, unless you wish to present at one of the formal seminars at which academics and other professionals will be present. Even in such a case however, it may still be possible for you to present your ideas and work if they are deemed interesting to the proceedings.

Academics and other professionals
There are two ways for academics, writers, journalists and others who have professional experience in philosophy, science and literature to present at the Parmenideum:

Formal seminars and conferences attended principally by other academics and professionals.

Informal meetings with the specific objective of disseminating ideas in philosophy or science to the general, non-professional public. Presentations in this category should be designed so that persons with little or no background in philosophy and science will be able to grasp the important ideas in your field of interest.

If you have a proposal for a topic for a one or two day presentation please send your CV and a synopsis outlining your topic to

You should make it clear whether you intend to address a professional audience or one drawn from the general public.

Students - Undergraduate and Post Graduate.
The Parmenideum is an ideal venue for presenting and testing your ideas and knowledge of philosophy and science, where you can address other people similarly interested in philosophy and science. You will benefit greatly from interacting with a wide audience from whom you will receive critical feedback on your ideas and work.

If you are a student interested in being a speaker you may send your CV and a letter introducing your topic to

For those who have a non-professional interest in philosophy and science the Parmenideum welcomes and encourages your contributions. If you are attending one of the informal philosophy encounters you do not need to send prior details of your intended presentation. You will only need to inform us of your intention once you arrive, for which time will be scheduled during the encounter.



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