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Meetings, discourse, debates and exchange in the spirit of free and public enquiry... under the olives.

Week and weekend encounters are listed below


Date Duration
Theme Venue Principal
23-25 May 2008 Weekend Parmenides: Why is there something rather than nothing? Elea Italian Completed
23-25 May 2008 Weekend Parmenides: Why is there something rather than nothing? Elea English Completed
7 February 2010 1 Day Parmenides Elea English Completed
26/27-29 May 2011 Weekend "Better to be an unhappy human than a happy pig". Was Mill right? Elea English Completed
2-3 June 2012 Weekend On Lying Elea English Completed
October 2013 Weekend Justice is the Interest of the Stronger. Thus spoke Thrasymachus. Elea English Planned
TBA Weekend "Ancient rationalism & modern mysticism: the former as antidote to the latter". Elea English Planned
TBA Weekend Consciousness: What is it, and is it a good thing? Elea English Planned
TBA Weekend Memetics: a good proto-theory of consciousness? Elea English Planned
TBA Weekend Friendship & Money: "Like water & oil ". Elea English Planned
TBA Weekend 2 + 2 = 4, Do they really and why do they? Elea English Planned
TBA Weekend Quantum physics and strings : can either or both provide an answer as to why anything exists at all? Elea English Planned
TBA   Selfish Genes rule forever. Like it or lump it Elea English Planned
TBA   Zeno's Paradoxes Elea English Planned
TBA   Pythagorean Numerology as a foundation to Reality Elea English Planned
TBA   Soren Kiekergaard: A father of existentialism Elea English Planned
TBA   La Fisica moderna e le sue implicazioni filosofiche rivoluzionarie. Venue: Elea Salerno Italian Planned
TBA   Nicola Abbanagno: Salerno's existentialist philosopher of the first order. Venue: Salerno Salerno Italian Planned
TBA Nov/Dec   Olive picking and some talks on Thales. Venue: under some olive trees near Elea Elea English Planned
TBA   Thales to the Close of the Academy Elea English Planned
TBA   Free Will: Epiphenomenalism's greatest trick? Elea English Planned
TBA   Kant: he had to limit reason to make room for faith. Fool or wise man? Elea English Planned
TBA   Protagoras & Nietzsche: from hominus mensura to self governing will to power. Elea English Planned


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